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How do I get started playing fantasy football? How do I pick a group to join?

I really like to watch NFL, and would like to play fantasy football, but don’t know how to start.

How do I start a Fantasy Football Keeper league?

For the 2007 football season I would like to start a keeper league. The thing is I don’t know how I can do this on Yahoo. Can someone please tell me how I can make one. Also, can you tell me some popular formats for keeper leagues like how many players are kept, how long […]

How do I Set my team logo for fantasy football to a custom logo I upload from my computer?

I can only set my team logo to either the football helmets provided by yahoo or the Yahoo Avator for fantasy football. I want to set my team logo to a different picture. How do I upload pictures and set my team logo to the uploaded picture?

How do I start a Fantasy Football league without having to pay money for it?

This is my first time being a commissioner of a league normally one of my buddies does it and the rest of the group gets the free ride. Now he fell of the face of the earth and the rest of us are trying to set one up. I went on the main Fantasy football […]

How do does my friends play fantasy football with a hotmail account?

So me and some of my friends want to play fantasy football at yahoo and we did the draft and everything, but how does my friend that had a hotmail account log into the league and edit his roster and stuff?

What do you hate about fantasy football keeper leagues?

After running for more than a decade, our league is switching over to a keeper league. Wanting to learn from your experiences and ensure a smooth transition, we want to know what you hate about keeper leagues. Check my other questions for related topics to fantasy football keeper leagues.

What exactly is fantasy football and how does it work?

My husband is doing that fantasy football thing and I would like to know what it is and how it works. Thanks!