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What pro football teams in berlin germany?

Hello, I am visiting berlin germany from USA, and I am a big football/soccer fan, what is the pro team here in berline, and what is the website to get tickets? Thank you!

Who thinx that football fans who hate each other are PATHETIC and need to grow up?

Football is a wonderful game and the whole reason for this is because it brings countries and other places together. Why do some idiots see it as a reason for a fight? I mean it shows hatred in the game but in all fairness, I personally don’t think that there is any hatred in it […]

How is the distance covered by football players measured?

Watching football matches on TV I saw in subtitles the distance covered by every player. How do they measure it?

How does one become a football referee ?

I live in India. I am a keen football player. What certification and qualificatons does one need to become a football referee. Can someone kindly give some clues.

How to become a professional football player?

I am a Srilankan and believe i can be the best player in the world, cuz i’ve the skills. I want to join an international football club and how should i do it. Should i go to a football camp?

What all the advantages a football team gets when they play in their home ground?

I have been watching for only 6 months,i have heard that its tough to beat a football team in their home.Even chelsea had unbeaten record for 4 yrs. Any technical advantage?

What is the best football boots for a goalkeeper?

Im a decent goalkeeper and I need a new football boots. But what is the best boots for me? Much appreciated.

What is the best undies to wear under my football shorts?

Can anyone please tell me what are the best type of undies to wear under football shorts and colour. I have heard that some people who play football wear male thongs or jockstraps. Please help and advise or even send me some pics of you wearing them. Cheers.

Does football violence only affect those who want to be involved?

A few words from a friend of mine who is a steward at Coventry City Football Club below. This is in the aftermath of the Coventry City vs Preston North End match. Were you at the game? Were you involved in the violence afterwards? Feel good about yourselves? From yesterday’s match. “It’s currently 9.20pm and […]

What is the difference between a football and soccer stadium?

I read that FIFA doesn’t like USA’s bid for the 2018 World Cup because our stadiums are built for american football and not soccer. I was wondering what the difference in stadiums were?