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Flavorsome Salmon Dishes to Please Every Palate

When it comes to eating seafood, taste alone is enough to convince many human beings to consume it. There are also many health-related reasons to add fish to your diet. The omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamins and minerals go a extended path in terms of giving you the energy you demand each day and […]

The Easy Guidelines To Acquiring An LPN Certification

An LPN certification is a state requirement that must be successfully completed before you can be legally called a licensed practical nurse. The job of a licensed practical nurse is a very specialized one so proper training and education is required. Here are some of the guidelines that you can follow to get your LPN […]

How do I get a football themed border in photoshop?

I’m doing this project for a friend and she made a request that I don’t know how to produce. She wants an 8×10 photo (Horizontal) with 3 photos in one. Simple really. BUT she wants the center photo only to have a football as the border and the photo inside of it. I’ve looked online […]