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Backwards Education – Creating Lesson Plans

Many teachers plot their year based on the textbooks’ order and agenda for the college year. This isn’t terrible, however often it fails to capture into consideration the actual skills needed for the following year, and only addresses the lessons to be covered. The lessons to be covered are critical, however from the perspective of […]

Robert Welch Signature Knives Offer a New Vision for Kitchen Knives

The winner of the Cutting Edge trophy at PH/CHA Excellence in Housewares Awards 2009, Robert Welch Signature Knives are setting a fresh average in kitchen knives, and the tale behind the journey clarifies the tradition of quality craftsmanship that permeates this British family-run corporation. The late Robert Welch started his design career in 1955 and […]

How high does the football go above ground?

A football is kicked vertically upward from the ground and a student gazing out of the window sees it moving upward past her at velocity 5.30 . The window is a height 12.5 above the ground. You may ignore air resistance.Take the free fall acceleration to be = 9.80 .How much time does it take […]