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The Art of Mindfulness

When we first see or hear something, there is a fleeting instant of pure awareness just before we conceptualise or ‘reckon’ about the body – before we identify it. That moment is known as ‘mindfulness’. More information: more info

Some Characteristics of a Competitive Scholarship Grant Proposal

How to constitute your grant proposal stand outside from all the entries is the inquiry that applicants of autonomous of charge scholarship grants desire to know. The grant proposal is the only document in the selection of autonomous of charge scholarship applications that can bring your designation to the whole earth, thus it should be […]

Pretense and Genuine Love – Knowing the Difference

Pretense and deceit has overshadowed many acclaimed like relationships to the extent that like is immediately missing in many of them. Though many guys claim to like distinct ladies, many of them have suffered countless heartbreak. Do not be deceived; his or her so-called like may just be lust or infatuation. So capture age to […]

Vitamin Rich Menu

If you are concerned about your health and that of your family, you should have a vitamin rich menu to keep the members of your family healthy at all times. There are varieties of products available that you can treat your family to including aromatherapy. What’s more, you get simple access unrivalled by any other […]